Ugga Bugga Music Production.

Fredrik and Morten lives in the same area outside Oslo Norway and both possesses the same passion for both music and music production.

What is more natural than joining forces to be a provider of ART on the small Island they live. Fredrik & Morten will be making art-music as well as pop-music..

Welcome to the world of "Ugga Bugga Music".

Fredrik Møller Ellingsen.

(Producer, arranger, composer & engineer)

Morten F. Augustinius

(Producer, arranger, composer & engineer)


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Fredrik & Morten

The rulerz of Wolf Island &

Ugga Bugga "Brothers In Arms"

Fredrik Møller Ellingsen

Fredrik has been working full time in the music industry from 1994. With great support from his parents, he started banging the drums at the age of 7, selling the drum kit and picked up the electric guitar at 13, then started touring as P.A. rigger and backline-tech right after high school in 1993. In the early 90-ties Fred traded all his metal LP´s for roots and blues record just to take a new u-turn into electronic deep house (-96). At that time he was a pioneer working with combinations of different generes and tools with a great idea to make a fantastic stu of different generes. This resulted in a lot of interesting gigs and projects including sponsorship from Yamaha and Ableton Live. While experimenting with different sound shaping tools and stringed instruments, the other cerebral hemisphere was focusing on the technical ascpect, developing skills as a studio and live sound engineer (yes, he loves manuals). He still loves the team of two horses and changes the side of the studio window and the ends of the multi cable , as frequently as possible.


Fredrik´s philosophy is to user the studio and the live mixing desk as an instrument, and to understand the importance of having deep knowledge to all positions to become a complete artist.

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Morten F. Augustinius

Since 2005 Morten has been working full time in the music industry both as a sound engineer and as a producer in different studios and facilities, Morten also "runs" his own studio & record label: Nobel Records & Nobel Records Studio.

Morten is a former pilot/flight captain of SAS (Scandinavian Airlines System 1987-2006)


Morten has the following experience.

  • IHS Ingar Helgesen Studioproduksjon (studio manager) working closely with legendary Ingar Helgesen.
  • NRK (media engineer) working with a variety of projects ranging from sound productions related to KORK (NRK philharmonic orchestra) to a variety of productions like: Beat for Beat / Nytt på Nytt / Brille / Trygdekontoret / 20 Spørsmål / MGP. jr / Oslo Jazz Festival, etc, etc.
  • Westerdals/NISS working as a teacher related to Digidesign equipement and ste school studios, but also with projects and music-productions connecting studio technician students and musician students.
  • Morten is a Certified Pro Tools Operator (Digidesign)
  • Among others Morten has been working with the following musicians and artists: Client list


  • .AS a pilot in SAS Morten served as a first officer, captain, aircraft & simulator instructor (1987 to 2006).

Morten has earned Captain Ratings on: Learjet 23/24/35, Fokker F27/50. Mc Donnel Douglas MD80/81/82/83. Boeing B737/300/400,

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